Organic Vegan Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Sometimes, when I share with friends to encourage them to take organic food, the first reaction will be, “WoW! It’s too costly!” When I look at their purchase pattern, they are willing to spend a few thousand on branded bag, a huge sum on skin care & cosmetics, non-stop buying of clothes and shoes. They never make any complain about high cost on external stuff yet so stingy when come to food which we intake to nourish our precious body.

I just wonder, “What is more important, external beauty or internal health?” Imagine, when you are sick and laying on bed, no matter how many branded bag you own, you are not able to carry it out. I believe, what you want the most is how soon you can recover. Moreover, if we never take care inner health, there is quite challenging to have shinning complexion, unless you apply a thick make-up.

I’ll check with my friend who has heavy pimples outbreak on face, I’ll ask them on what food are they taking. One of my friend shared with me that she has huge and swollen pimples at her back. She kept visiting doctor and get antibiotics. However, her situation not getting better. She shared with me that she loved to enjoy seafood, take diary and eggs. Then, I asked her, “Are you suffering from constipation?” She said, “How do you know?” My answer was simple, “Too much toxins in her body and one of the way to release is from our skin.” I asked her to take care of her diet, “No seafood and start the blood detox.” You are what you eat, this is the fact of life!

For my home cooking, I am a vegan. Occasionally, when I dine out, I still take a cup of coffee.

Today, I made a superb yummy organic Creamy Pumpkin soup, Awesome!

The ingredients are:
Organic Pumpkin
Organic Soya milk (Home-made)
Kudzu (To thicken the pumpkin soup)
Sea salt
Organic roasted Walnut as topping.

Taste Excellence! Vegan soup!
Taste Excellence! Vegan soup!

Focus and observe on what you eat! Stay healthy!

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