Organic Udon Noodle Soup

My sister fall sick after returning from her business trip. She dine-out daily, some food might be unhealthy and her body just can’t accept. As a result, she had fever, flu and cough, symptoms of body worked hard to release toxins. My lovely sister also taking natural healing to allow her body to heal.

Most of us, in order to get speed recovery, we love to take shortcut by taking medicine, drugs, antibiotics and others which is going to ease the pain and suppress the symptom. Well, you might “recover” fast and remove symptom in surface and yet you are not heal the root of problem. The more medicine you take, the weaker your body, the higher chance that you are going to get sick frequently. I’ve witness some of my friends, who are falling sick almost twice a month, and some not even recover fully before next “viral attack”. Truly sad to see “ignorance” which cause so much suffering to us.

The more we dine out, the more we don’t bother about the ingredients of our food intake, the higher risk that our body is getting sick. As such, I love to encourage my friends to start home-cook, you know well on the ingredients, the cooking method and most important you cook with a happy heart.

This morning, I cooked a very simple breakfast Organic udon noodle soup. During the food preparation process, a thought came to my mind, “I must prepare the food like I am serving to Buddha, The great master.” With this beautiful thought, I am more mindful and also with a heart of gratitude when preparing food. Your energy is going to shine in the food you are cooking. How important to prepare high energy food for your loved one!

The ingredients:

Organic Udon (Boiled for 10 minutes, rinse and drain)
Organic Cauliflower
Organic Bak Choy
Organic Sweet corn
Organic Carrot
Organic Cabbage
Organic Red Apple (My new trial, taste great)
Organic beancurd
Organic Garbanzo bean

Nutrition-dense and so yummy!
Nutrition-dense and so yummy!

Why not take a try and cook for your loved one?

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