Happy World Vegetarian Day!

The more I learn about macrobiotic cooking, the more I want to eat home cook food. I understand well on the relation of food and illness. I seldom dine-out, unless unavoidable and I’ll do my best to choose the less “toxin” food to eat.

My simple organic vegan home-cook breakfast. So colourful, healthy and no burden to body!
My simple organic vegan home-cook breakfast. So colourful, healthy and no burden to body!

Today, we took our lunch in one of our favourite vegetarian restaurant. Listen to your body, you know whether are you taking good food or bad food. How do you feel after eating? Comfortable, energetic, sleepy, tired, headache, tension and others. You know whether you should dine in to the restaurant again. One of the most common issue facing, we are so thirsty after dine-out. Definitely, there is “Something” in the food. One of my friend shared that her mom fed her son aged about 2 years old with mushroom soup which she bought in a shop. Her little baby behaved strangely as he was constantly asking her for water and also milk as he was too “thirsty”. She knew her mum fed her baby with “unhealthy” food.

We were so happy to see the vegetarian restaurant is so crowded as today is new moon day. I wish everyday is a new moon or full moon day as more people will take vegetarian food which can help to bring better health to them and also one of the important way to preserve environment and reduce carbon foot print. Moreover, we can save our animal friend’s life. How important to observe vegetarian diet which bring benefit to you and others!

Why not take a try even to be a day in vegetarian diet?

Happy World Vegetarian Day! May you be well and happy!

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