The awesome macrobiotic lunch!

Whatever you learn, you are not only benefiting to yourself but to others as well. I am learning the macrobiotic way of cooking, it bring tremendous benefit to myself as I am improving my health and also reducing extra pound. Besides, I enjoy cooking for my lovely family as I can also help to improve their health. Moreover, I can practice well on “Let the food be your medicine”.

Recently, my lovely sister went to business trip and she was sick when she got home. Whenever, she mentioned the symptom of sickness, I am able to use the food to heal the symptom. For example, she had fever, I just use 3 pieces of Wild shiitake mushroom to boil with 3 cups of filtered water and let it boil to 1 cup of water. Drink slowly and you can recover from fever. When she complained that she had indigestion, I just ask her to take Umeboshi vinegar and she healed. It’s so simple and no side effect to our body.

Besides, one of my close friend, she came with her family for lunch gathering. I just prepared food based on whatever I learned and shared with her family.

The lunch menu as below:

Organic miso soup with radish and sweet corn

Organic Gado Gado

Main course:
Organic Brown Rice
Organic Pan fried Pumpkin
Organic Shiitake mushroom
Organic Braised Hijiki, lotus root, garbanzo beans and carrot
Organic beet root with raisins.
Organic fresh lettuce

Organic Green Tea Pudding with Adzuki bean and chestnut.

Organic Bancha is prepared when we are chit chasing after lunch.

Of course, I put my great effort and cooking with love when I prepared the awesome lunch menu for my friend. I give my best blessings that “May the food I cook give nutrient to body and also mind for those who are eating. May they be well and happy.”

So yummy and healthy!
So yummy and healthy!
Organic Gado Gado
Organic Gado Gado

Why not cook for your friends instead of dine-out?

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