Organic Vegetarian Mee Rebus

Recently, when I had a chat with my friend and he shared with me that his daughter starting her period at the age of 10 years old. He shown her little girl photo, she is a growing up young lady. The first question, I checked with him, “Are you feeding chicken to your girl every day?” He said, “Yes! How do you know?” My answer is simple that the hormone injection to the chicken being transferred to his lovely daughter, she grow up too fast and look like a young women at the age of 10 years old.

My friend shared with me that nowadays, there are no longer using hormone injection to chicken but to spray throughout the body. He knew yet continuously feeding her little girl with “Poison” daily. Is it ignorant? I am sad to see many of this cases happen around us.

As a parent, we must be mindful on what are you feeding your children. Are you giving good and balance nutrient for mind and body to your child? Are you feeding them with “poison” and causing disease to their body soon or later. Know your food! Understand the ingredients, what are the consequences of long-term consumption?

I love home-cooking as I know well what type of ingredients I am putting in my cooking. I spent the most on food by insisting organic and I am using the best quality of ingredients to prepare food for my family. Health is the biggest wealth! If you don’t pay attention, you are going to lose it easily!

There is no issue for me to enjoy local delights even I am a vegetarian. I can cook without any meat. I would like to share with you Mee Rebus (Organic Boiled Noodle), a famous dish in our country.

So yummy!
So yummy!

The ingredients:
1. Organic spaghetti ( Original recipe using Yellow noodle)
2. Organic Japanese cucumber
3. Organic bean sprout
4. Organic Home-grown lime
5. Organic home-grown child
6. Organic lettuce
7. Organic fried vegetables fritter
8. Organic Bean curd

With the spicy sauce and I added organic roasted peanut! It's awesome!!!
With the spicy sauce and I added organic roasted peanut! It’s awesome!!!

I enjoying good quality of food even though I am a vegetarian!

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