Organic Vegan Steamed Cake

Our body is very intelligent.

Do you aware that sometimes you might have strong craving to eat one type of food, e.g salty food, fried or pan fried food, crispy seaweed, steamed food, curry and others?

Have you ever think why do you react in such a way?

When your body is severely lacking some nutrient, you are going to eat some food to balance up. As such, just pay attention to your food preferences, you know whether your body is “Yang” or “Yin”. You know what is the best food to your body.

I observe and pay attention to my body reaction after taking my meal. I’ll make adjustment on the food ratio, combination, cooking method if my body is uncomfortable. We are so blessed to have such a intelligent body system. Don’t ignore the signal.

I love to try new recipe and learn new dish. Today, I try out for the Organic Vegan Steamed cake. Simple, healthy and quick to make.

The ingredients:
Organic Cake flour (200 g)
Organic Beet sugar (50 g)
Organic Baking powder ( 3tsp)
Organic Home-grown pandan juice (200 g)
(you can replace anything you love)

Step 1, Mixed Organic Beet sugar and pandan juice.
Step 2, followed by Organic Cake flour
Step 3, Mixed with baking powder
Step 4, Steamed for 20 mins.
(Pls apply Organic coconut oil on the cup, easier to take out the steamed cake)

Put in the barter after the water is boiling.
Put in the barter after the water is boiling.
So yummy! I love it!
So yummy and healthy!
My family love it! Hope you enjoy too!
My family love it! Hope you enjoy too!

A simple cooking can bring so much happiness to ourselves and others! Most important, its safe to eat and no burden to our body!

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