Organic Vegan Donut

Yesterday, I had a very bad experience when I dine-out with my colleagues. The food was too oily, not appetising and taste awful. It was so disappointing when we took a very bad lunch as the food not going to bring nutrient to body and mind. Moreover, it brought toxin and poison to our body. We are not satisfied after the “Junk” lunch and of course we are not going back to the same restaurant again.

It was a great reminder, when we prepare a meal for family and friends, we must put effort and always think from other perspectives. For example, for macrobiotic cooking, we are not going to use any refined sugar in cooking, it’s not mean that the cooking is tasteless. We can replace by rice malt, barley malt, mirin, amazake and others. Besides, our cooking also dairy free, yet we can use Organic sesame oil, organic coconut oil to replace butter, organic soy milk, organic almond milk to place milk and others. To me, the food still taste awesome even without dairy products and no refined sugar. We can taste the original food instead of flavouring and chemical. Apparently, we are exposing ourselves to 4,000 types of flavouring and chemical in food now. The more we consume, the more numbness is our senses. We are rejecting the original taste of food and fancy for “unhealthy flavouring” food. We are at high risk and inviting for “sickness”.

Recently, I study hard on Organic Vegan pastry as I would like to bring public awareness on how nice is the original taste of food even without diary and refined sugar which is no good to health.

I love donut, however I don’t dare to buy donut from shop as too sweet, oily, too much diary. All this reasons are good enough to drop my thought on eating. It’s really hard to get Organic vegan donut.

I tried on new recipe. It was awesome!

Simple ingredients:
Organic coconut oil
Organic Flaxseed (Blend to powder form)
Organic Beet sugar
Organic unbleached pastry flour
Organic baking powder
Organic home-made soy milk
Vanilla pod

It taste awesome! I don't like to put any sugar-coating. This is the best Organic vegan donut!
It taste awesome! I don’t like to put any sugar-coating. Yeah! This is the best Organic vegan donut!

Live life simple and its so blessed to taste the original taste of food!

Take a try!

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