Organic vegan cinnamon roll

My teacher shared with us that most of her patient will consult her when they are terminally ill and by adjusting their diet as the final hope for recovery. Generally, people will rely on drugs to enjoy speedy recovery, reduce pain and suffering. They are ignoring the side effect of drugs. They are enjoying the short-term result and let go the long-term damage to body.

Well! Sickness is not form by one day, its accumulated from our diet and our way of living. We might understand this simple theory, however when we are sick, we just want speedy recovery, the best healing is everything remain status quo and continuously with our unhealthy lifestyle. We are willing to take drugs as no lifestyle changes needed and heal faster as compared to food diet. It take longer time and also a diet transformation is needed.

As human nature, we hated changes especially to change our diet. We love to pamper our senses through feeding our body with “good” and “yummy” food like, steak, hamburger, grilled meat, dessert with full of diary and sugar, sugary food and others. Through food diet, we need to transform our diet, it’s really hard to accept and fearful by most of the people as we need to move out from our comfort zone.

General response when they heard of the transformation in food diet, “Immediately runaway as no life as can’t take “unhealthy and yummy food”, “Some might follow until they heal, then they are going to start their old way of diet.”

Think about it, how important and how blessed to have a healthy body by practicing healthy diet? Its simple and you don’t need to take any medicine to poison your body. Let our food be the best medicine.

Recently, I spent so much time to learn and practice organic vegan baking. It’s really hard to look for any organic vegan bread and pastry here, I started to bake and continuously to share with family and friends. You are what you think! You can accept well the pastry without diary, eggs and refined sugar once you know the side effect to your body.

My first trial on Organic Vegan Cinnamon roll, it tasted great, my family and friends also accepted well.

The ingredients as below:
Organic Pastry flour
Organic palm sugar
Organic cinnamon powder
Natural yeast
Organic raisin
organic walnut
organic cashew nut
Organic soy milk
organic sesame oil & Organic coconut oil

Usually, I’ll make sure the yeast is fermented for a day before I started to bake any bread for easy digestion. You can get ready the yeast dough by just put 30 ml filtered water, 1 teaspoon natural yeast and 30 g organic pastry flour. Let it fermented for a day and mixed with the rest of ingredients.

Fresh from oven.... yummy!
Fresh from oven…. yummy!
Taste the originality of food! Blessed!
Taste the originality of food! Blessed!

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