Organic Vegan Banana Cake

The more I practice on the Organic Vegan baking, the more skilful I am.
I started from zero knowledge on vegan baking and so grateful to all the good and useful online tutorial. It’s so helpful!

As I mentioned earlier, its hard to get vegan pastry here. In the past, I am taking non-vegan pastry occasionally even though I know that eggs,butter and milk are not good to our health. Now, I can stay away 100% from Non-vegan pastry as I know how to bake. So blessed!

Generally, people perception on organic vegan pastries,
-not tasty as they use to heavy taste from dairy products
-Not fluffy enough as they use to take bread shortened
-Not sweet as they take too much of refined sugar.
-Not soft as they are used to white flour and others processed ingredients.

I am using the stone-milled organic flour, the texture is slightly hard, however you can taste the originality of taste. How blessed! In order to promote organic vegan dessert, whenever I baked any pastries, I’ll try to share with friends for them to taste. This is the best way to change people perception. Let them to experience and change their mind.

It’s so hard for people to let go their past diet even though they know its unhealthy. We are constantly to pamper our senses and neglect the fact that all this “good tasty food” is going to damage our body system. Sickness is not happen overnight, its accumulative. As such, eat well now and to live well later. Of course, the choice is in your hand.

Today, I baked an Organic Vegan banana cake. It’s so yummy and my family enjoyed the cake.

So beautiful! Like the blossom of flowers! It's healthy and tasty!
So beautiful! Like the blossom of flowers! It’s healthy and tasty!

Simple ingredients”
Organic ripen banana
Organic Pastry flour
Organic baking powder
Organic Coconut oil
Organic macrobiotic salt
Organic Raisin
Organic Walnut

No need to add in any sugar as sweetness from the organic banana.
Easy for preparation and healthy to eat! No burden to body.

Bon appetite!
Bon appetite! Happy weekend!

6 thoughts on “Organic Vegan Banana Cake

  1. This looks like heaven! I’ve been looking for a good vegan banana bread/cake recipe. I think I just found it! Thanks! Do you ever feature your writing with any other sites at all?

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