Organic Vegan stir fried udon with vegetables

One of the good way to cook is whatever available in your fridge, you can just mix and match with dishes. Most important, not to waste any of food ingredients. It’s really a blessing that we can get sufficient and variety food from nature. Every grain is a great love from nature. Treasure it!!!

Recently, my way of cooking is depend on whatever vegetables I have in the fridge. I ordered organic vegetables directly from organic farm to my house. As such, every week is a surprise that I don’t know what types of vegetables that I am going to get. its depend on the farmers and whatever vegetables are available. It’s great to enjoy variety of food from nature instead of only a few types.

This morning, I tried on the stir fried organic vegan udon with assorted vegetables whatever I’ve in fridge. I am using fresh and hand-made organic udon, it was great!!! I am using slight seasoning, Organic shoyu, Organic black pepper, organic mirin and a pinch of macrobiotics salt. So simple, healthy and taste great!!!

For the variety of vegetables, you can try on Organic bean sprout, organic carrot, organic cabbage, organic green vegetables and you can even put organic bean curd or mushroom to stir fry with udon.

Yummy and healthy organic vegan stir fried udon noodle with vegetables! Yeah!!!
Yummy and healthy organic vegan stir fried udon noodle with vegetables! Yeah!!!

Cooking is fun and you can be as creative as possible.

Happy weekend and enjoy your home-cooking! Cheers!

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