I wish everyday is the 1st day of Chinese New Year…

During the first day of Chinese New Year, more and more family are having vegetarian meal to welcome the new year. Most of the vegetarian restaurant are fully booked. Sometimes, we might even see a long waiting list outside the restaurant. It’s a good sign that more people can accept vegetarian diet.

I alway make a wish that "Hopefully, everyday like the 1st day of CNY, people can start to take vegetarian meal."
I alway made a wish that “Hopefully, everyday like the 1st day of CNY, people can start to try out vegetarian diet.”

When I reflected why am I be a vegan? The key reason is I felt the suffering of animal friends, I want to release their suffering by protecting them and not eating them. Imagine, when we are enjoying a “good” meal which consisting of meat, how many animal friends need to sacrifice their life for our enjoyment? When we drinking milk, taking eggs, are we aware how much suffering we are bringing to animal friends? Just put yourself in their shoes, you’ll deeply feel their suffering.

I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 6 years, there is nothing lacking in my life. I am following macrobiotic way of living, the balance diet providing sufficient nutrient to my body and mind. I am always blessed to follow this beautiful path. Just ask yourself “Why are you taking meat?” The truth is our body only need 10% of protein per meal, which you can easily get from assorted beans. Why do you need to take an animal’s life?

If you’ve any pet friends, you know well they are just like us. They are full of love, fearful of separation, pain and suffering. Why do we want to incur suffering to them? Always remember, our pet friends are animals. Why not treat all animals like our pet friends? Why not treat all animals like our family members?

Just ask yourself, without cooking, lot of flavouring and sauces, can you actually take a chicken, lamb, cow and others? As such, your nature is not meant to take meat like carnivores. Eating meat pleasurably only to satisfy 3 inches of our throat.

Why not transform your life by changing your mind? The mind is everything.

Yes, you can!!!

“No animal needs to die in order for me to live. And that make me feel good.”
By Howard Lynan

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