Master your skills…

Sometimes, we’ll go to buy coffee from one of the local cafe. We’ll bring our container and take away our yummy local coffee. We know the barista and he know what is our preference.

This morning, we went to the same cafe for take away coffee, they changed to a new barista. He is constantly check with his friend on the steps and the ratio for coffee. Sis & I, we were slightly lose confident with him as he is not so sure about what he is doing. Once we reached home, we tasted the coffee, as per our expectation is not good as the combination is out.

What we did was to add in more organic coffee powder to enrich the aroma. This is the great reminder that we need to brush up our cooking skills. There is no shortcut, all come from continuously training and trying. The more you try, the more you can master and improve your skills. By eating the food you cook, people can immediately know how well is your skill. There is no way to cheat.

To melt and touch people’s heart through your cooking. The only secret is be diligent in your practice.

During Chinese New Year, I cooked the organic vegan Yong Tau Foo (stuffed beancurd) for my family. I put sauce on it with organic shoyu, mirin and home-grown chilli padi. It’s really yummy. In order to attract more people to accept vegan food, we need to enhance the natural flavouring of food, try out the mixed and match method and be rich of aroma. Generally, people can accept with open heart.

Yummy! Food presentation is important to further enhance the eating experience.
Yummy! Food presentation is important to further enhance the eating experience.

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