Why are you a Vegan?

Do you know how many chicken are killed each year?

The answer is “Over 9 BILLION chickens are killed to be eaten every single year.”
It’s a shocking figure. I see 9 billion life being slaughtered and went through a lot of suffering. However, some of us will only think about chicken = food, yummy chicken cuisines.

Whenever, I meet new friends, one of the favourite question, “Why are you a vegan?” My answer is so simple, “I love animals and I see them as “Being”, totally same like us. I don’t want them to suffer.” I believe none of us love suffering, right? If you don’t like suffering and why are you putting suffering to others?”

Sometimes, people love to argue, “If you don’t eat animals, there will be too many animals in this world and causing imbalance cycle.” Is it true? We are ignorance to understand the law of nature. Animals that we are eaten are stay in cage since born, their purpose of life is to eat, grow fat and provide their dead body to us as “yummy” food to us. As such, don’t worry about imbalance of nature.

One of the reason why I put a lot of effort in learning macrobiotic way of cooking is to equip myself with the good cooking skills. So, I can cook yummy and healthy plant-based food to nourish myself and my family. Live a simple and healthy lifestyle, living proof is important. Besides, I can offer Organic vegan food by using macrobiotic way of cooking to let people to experience the taste of “real” food. To reduce their rejection and start the journey to explore the beauty of macrobiotic lifestyle. Awesome for our health, to people surrounding and nature. This is one of my way to “protect” life of our animal friends, reduce “killing” and “Suffering” of all beings.

When you are eating right and enjoying balancing in life, your body will not crave for meat.
When you are eating right and enjoying balancing in life, your body will not crave for meat.

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