Organic vegan fried dumpling

Recently, I went for a Chinese dinner which served a whole roasted pigeon. When I looked at 10 pieces of roasted pigeon, I felt so sad as I see 10 beings being killed. We’ve so many choices of plant-based food to nourish our body and mind. Why are we still need to eat the little cute pigeon as our food? Our pigeon friends are belong to nature and enjoy their freedom. We are not superior than animal friends, they deserved the equal surviving chance like us. As a human being, we can always express our loving kindness and compassion towards our lovely animal friends, love them instead of eat them.

One of the reason that I can become vegetarian overnight, I put myself in the animal’s shoes, I felt the pain, worry, fear, tension, stress, suffering when they are being killed. I don’t want to eat them and incurred additional suffering in their life.

Why not explore the world of plant-based food?

One of my favourite organic vegan fried dumpling.
Simple organic paste ingredients:
Beancurd roll
Chili padi
Starches (Potato/ corn)
Wheat Gluten

Blend everything and you can get the yummy paste which you can use for dumpling or stuffed tofu, brinjal, chilli, lady finger and anything you want.

Why do you still need to use “Meat” as your paste?
Why not take a try? Your action is going to bring impact to reduce suffering of animal friends. Don’t doubt on your action and don’t ever think “Why should I make a change while others still taking meat”

Start from yourself and always look inward!

Yummy and healthy organic vegan fried dumpling!
Yummy and healthy organic vegan fried dumpling!

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