Why not start a healthy living?

When we are young, we might not even bother to take care of our health. We ignore the health fact of food. In the name of “enjoying” and “pampering our senses”, We take plenty of unhealthy food and we love to give excuses that “why worry? Life is short, let’s enjoy to maximum.” Well, all action bear fruits, and this is the law of universe, it’ll happen soon or later. Are you willing to accept the consequences of your action?

We know that over consumption of alcohol is no good for our liver, however, we neglect the true fact and we always think that liver failure or cancer will only happen to others and not ourselves. Its nothing to do with us. Some of us, we’ll continuously to take hard liquor until one day, feel the bad symptom from liver. Its critical when we notice something happen to our liver.

One of my friend shared that some of her friends who love to overly take alcohol, passed away with aged around 50 years old. One being diagnosed with 95% damaged of liver as the consequence of heavily consumption of alcohol over the year. Another case, a man aged about 30 years old, heavy smoker and drinker, started with swollen on face and follow by diarrhea in blood. He died in the hospital within a day. After biopsy, the total liver turned to black.

Some might even say, “No matter how healthy you are eating, you’ll die one day.” Yes, this is true fact. However, the crucial question, “Die well or die suffering?” Its your option and yours healthy destiny is on your hand. What do you want?

Why not start a healthy living, for benefit of yourself, your family and the environment?

You can die peacefully as you are not going to blame yourself for wrong food in the deathbed. You do your best to take care of your health!!! No regret in your life!

Why not start to take a try on the macrobiotics meal? Let’s the food to nourish your body and mind.

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