Vegan friendly city…

Is it easy for you to look for vegan/vegetarian when you are traveling to oversea?

The situation become better lately as more and more people start accepting and taking vegan/vegetarian meal. Its easier to get vegan food. This is a good sign, we can reduce suffering for animal friends and also enjoying healthy living.

Recently, I travel to Sydney for a break, it’s a vegan/vegetarian friendly city. Its so easy to order vegan food in normal restaurant. Some of the countries, when we order food and mention “Vegetarian”, the waiter is not sure what is vegetarian food. We need to explain in details. Some might say they knew, however when they serve, the food contain seafood. Perhaps, they are not consider fish, prawn and others as living being.

I love coffee. Its hard to look for cafe to use soy milk to replace milk in our country. However, in Sydney, it’s truly great that most of the cafe can serve soy milk with coffee. Let’s continue our effort in promoting vegan diet and hopefully more people can join us and increase the awareness on how important to be vegan and being significant impact to reduce global warming.

I enjoyed my favourite piccolo latte with organic sourdough. Life is beautiful!

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