Beware of what you eat…

Some of us, we love to use excuse as busy to just simply eat our food without realise what are we eating. It’s so dangerous as we might take in a lot of junk food or fast food which will bring negative impact to our body. We can’t reverse for whatever we are eating, for sure, junk food will not able to give good nutrient to body and exhausted our body resources to digest. In the long run, it’ll drain our body and one day, our body will collapse.

Whenever, I chat with my friends, I’ll definitely remind them to eat well, “You are what you eat.” Never ever let ourselves to regret when we are sick. Sickness will not happen by today, its accumulation. Health is wealth.

My happy vegan meal during travelling! Yummy and healthy! Yeah!

When I am travelling and unable to do my home cooking, I’ll do my best to look for the best nutrient to nourish our body and mind. Doing my recent trip, I am happy that I am well during the trip and even after I returned home. A decease free body is the fountain of happiness.

Be mindful on your food intake!

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