Be sensitive…

The trend of being vegan and vegetarian is increasing. People are started to realise that plant-based food can maintain good health and also reduce suffering of animal friends.

“Everyday is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier and to be the best version of you.” Vegan Community

How true and beautiful writing!

After becoming vegan, my first encounter that no vegan food in one of the menu served in a restaurant. Even though, I requested for vegan food and the chef is not serving as he was too insisted on the combination of vegetables and meat in the menu.

I am together with friends and I don’t want them to feel bad, so I just ordered a croissant with coffee and juice. The only vegetarian food I can get in the menu. It’s quite interesting to have croissant for lunch.

This incident reminded us to be sensitive and respect others need. What’s wrong of serve a salad without eggs, seafood, meat? What’s wrong to serve spaghetti with mushroom?

A beautiful and tasty Home-cook Organic vegan fried rice!!! Look great!

It’s all a mind game and also your habit. Always remember that we can live well without meat or diary products.

Let’s do our best to promote vegan and vegetarian diet!

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