Happy food… bla..bla.. bla…

Are you mindful on your food intake?

Are you equip yourself with health knowledge?

Do you know what are the food good for your body and mind?

Yesterday, My sister went for a health talk. One of the important message, she shared with me, even though we know well what should we eat to sustain good health. However, if the good food you are eating is not able to provide you, happiness and satisfaction. Occasionally, you can pamper yourself with whatever food you want to eat. If you are continuously to suppress your craving. One day, you are going to be totally collapsed in mentally even though you are enjoying healthy body yet unfit mind.

During our trip in Sydney, my sister bought Iced hot chocolate. It’s awesome! Don’t be extreme, don’t suppress all your want. Occasionally, give a good treat to yourself.

Never go of extreme and be moderate, ensure you are enjoying healthy body and mind.

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