Practising mindfulness in kitchen…

There are so many life lesson we can learn during our cooking. The most important is to be mindful. You always discover a new life lesson.

A simple pan-fried Organic tofu. Beautiful and taste awesome!

This morning, When I prepared for the pan-fried organic tofu, its great to learn to be patient before we are turning the tofu. It’s so soft and fragile. If you are handled with force, for sure you are going to break all tofu and become scramble tofu. The beautiful lesson I realised was to be patient, do your best and when time comes, you are going to reap your harvest. Just like frying the tofu, when it’s turned to the golden brown color, its effortless to turn over.

No hurries, no worries and just enjoy the cooking process in total relax and freedom. It’s great to practice mindfulness.

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