The best choice in life…

Some of my friends shared with me that they can’t sustain to be a vegetarian or vegan because their body getting weaken, lack of energy and tired. There is nothing wrong with the vegetarian diet but its related to our way of eating. We are not practising eating balance and not providing sufficient nutrients for our body.

Some might overly consuming protein from beans which we don’t need much. Some might rely too much to “mock Meat” made from soy, flour products. Some might overly consuming deep-fried food and intake too oily, salty, too much refined sugar in food. Of course, our body is not going to be healthier with the wrong type of food intake and way of cooking.

I am blessed that I am learned and following one of the balance diet from macrobiotics. This diet plan, transformed my way of eating balance and also getting the right portion of food to provide nutrients to my body and mind. An easy and simple way to remember the formula, 5311. 50% of organic brown rice/ other whole meal grains, 30% of vegetables, 10% of nuts and seeds, 10& of beans and sea vegetables, miso soup and also natural quality dessert (Occasionally).

As such, do your homework and get the right vegetarian diet plan to sustain your determination to be a vegetarian. The right vegetarian/vegan diet will make you more energetic, boost up your immune system, healthier and happier as you are releasing life of animal’s daily. It’s not only a diet but a great way to practice compassion and loving kindness.

I count my blessing when I am enjoying the organic vegan food daily. I am gratitude to the nature, farmers and all beings who are involving to provide such a good and quality food.

Am blessed to be a vegan, the best choice in life!!!

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