Today’s choice, tomorrow body!

Most of the times, people are curious how can I cook well with so much restriction, like no garlic, no onion, no eggs, no meat, no seafood, no chives, no green onion, no leek and no diaries? They are doubtful on the taste of food.

I am blessed that I am a strong supporter for organic food which is free from chemical fertiliser, pesticides, GMO and others harmful substances. I can taste the originality of food without putting a lot of flavouring. Usually, I am using the natural herbs to enhance the flavouring of food, e.g when I am cooking Organic vegan Asam Laksa, I am using lots of local herbs like galangal (Ginger), daun Kesom (Laksa leaves), lemongrass, Turmeric, pandan leaves, tamarind paste, bunga Kantan and others.

Most important, you must learn to chew your food, the more you chew on whole food, the “sweetness” you can enjoy. If you just swallow your food without proper chewing, you can’t enjoy the originality of taste, moreover you are causing stress and heavy burden to your digestive system.

Organic Vegan Asam laksa, taste awesome even without garlic and onion.

Think about it, how blessed to enjoy pure food with no burden to our body and yet enjoy good taste. Why do you need to sacrifice your health by enjoying food full of artificial flavouring which bring tons of negative impact to health in the name of “Taste great”? One of my favourite quote, Today’s choice, Tomorrow health.

One good point to contemplate if you can’t taste the originality of food, are your tongue being numbed with all sort of chemical and artificial flavouring? Are you eating organic food? Are you chew your food properly?

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