Your Life, your Choice!

Do you love to chat with people?

We can learn so much from the chatting. Each one of us is so unique, and they are our teacher too. Of course, chatting is not gossiping. We chat on positive topics which can bring benefits and positive vibes to each other life.

Usually, I’ll chat with the cashier when I am doing grocery shopping in one of the organic shop. I’ll share with him on my macrobiotic home cooking and he is also a practitioner in macrobiotic cooking. He looks great and healthy.

My home cooking food, my best choice in life!

One day, I shared with him that I wake up at 5 am daily to cook for my family to ensure they are having the whole food to nourish their body and mind. This is also one of the way to show my great love to my elderly parent and lovely sister. Macrobiotic cooking is my happy hour in the morning. To cook is like practicing meditation. You must be mindful, then only you can cook well and most important enjoy your cooking.

I mentioned to him that to eat well now, instead of regret later. Immediately, he replied that he was a stage four rectal cancer patient and also the cancer spread to liver. He is a good example of not taking well of his life, stressful in work, no rest, no exercise and not eating well. However, he took immediate decision to resign, to transform his lifestyle from meat-eating to macrobiotic diet (Organic vegan), exercise, relax and enjoy his life. Now, he is the survival from cancer and if he never share his past, no one can notice he was a cancer patient. I am happy that he is recovered and start anew!

Your life, your choice!!! Never blame if you are sick. Be quiet and reflect your life. You know well why are you getting sick.

2 thoughts on “Your Life, your Choice!

  1. Thank you for sharing my story with the others. It is a great platform to reach out others. I need to add that physical health and mental health are equally important. Also always look at it from a positive perspective. A pessimistic person can say a glass is half empty, an optimistic person can say it is half full. One of my teachers told me “cancer is not a curse, it is a blessing”. It took me awhile to comprehend this but I am glad that I did.

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