What is your priority?

Have you ever figure out how’s your budgeting? How do you allocate your family budget?

Are you giving priority to your needs or want?

Are you giving priority to your food? Clothes? Luxury products? Instalment, housing, car and others? Insurance policy? Educational fees? Investment? Saving for future? Entertainment?

I always share with people,  I give ultimate priority to the food I am eating, I pay more and support organic food. When I talk about organic food, I am always being asked “How sure I am on the food quality?” My answer is simple, “How sure are you on the quality of food you are eating?” “Is it safe and good for health?”

Recently, I read a great thought, “Don’t ask why health food bars are more expensive, ask why junk bars are so cheap?” Good for contemplation!

To me, nothing is more important to sustain our body, the vehicle to pursuit our life. Without body, there is no life. Imagine, if we feed wrong food to our body, what’ll happen? We are getting sick, we are bringing suffering to our life. Moreover, fit body fit mind.

I insisted clean, pure and whole food in my meal. I follow strictly on macrobiotic way of cooking! Pay attention to your body, you’ll know well on your progress. How healthy you are!

You are what you eat!!! Why not pay attention to your food? Your primary sources of survival!





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