Your health is an investment, not an expense!

Do you know what is organic food besides its pricey?

Do you know why its pricey?

Do you know what are the benefits of eating organic food?

Do you know why do we need to support organic farming?

Most of us, we know nothing about organic food except for its price.

I always explain to my friends that there is nothing special for organic food as this is the food that our ancestors were enjoying in the past. No pesticides, no chemical fertiliser, no hormone, non GMO, soil and water free from pollution. Well, Why do we need to pay higher now?

Simple answer, less demand. Why less demand? As a consumer, we want our vegetables to look perfect without any holes bite by insects, big size and of course “cheap”. Well, in order to meet our requirement, our vegetables are full of “poison” which we might know and yet continuously to support and feel safe to feed our body. We might even say, “What to do?” Well, you can definitely make a difference.

Recently, I encountered one of the incident that parent are against their daughter to take organic food as too pricey and they mentioned to their daughter, you just need moderate health and if you are sick, please get consult Doctor and get antibiotics and also medicine which is drug, poison to body.

Perhaps, you might think that they are from poor family. Well, they are wealthy and willing to spend more than USD$ 4,000 for a luxury handbag and non-stop buying branded products. However, extremely thrifty when come to health food. They treasure visible external products more than their precious body and mind.

We can only share our thought on how important to have a healthy body and mind. There is no way to force people to follow the same path. Your health, Your responsibility!

No matter, how busy I am, I am still wake up 5am to cook my meal and bring lunch bento to work. This is the best way to feed our body and mind with best nutrients. Are you only love yourself by buying visible stuffs? Are you pay attention to your invisible health?

Always remember that your health is also an investment, not an expense! Never regret later!






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