A healthy body, A healthy mind!!!

Can you sense the signal given by your body when you are eating wrong food/ junk food? All types of food you are consuming, will provide difference type of energy to your body and mind. When you are having a balancing diet and whole food, you feel comfortable without much suffering like too full, hard to digest, sleepy, tired, restless and others.

Recently, I went for business trip. Of course, I can’t have my home-cooked organic vegan food.

I felt discomfort after I had the bento set. The broccoli was bitter and no sweetness of taste. It contained too much chemical fertiliser and pesticides. Besides, too much sugar contained in white rice and I felt so sleepy even I finished half of the rice.

Our body can tell whether how pure and good of the food, be mindful. For my case, I had organic food for more than 15 years and also follow macrobiotic way of cooking for more than a year. My body is so sensitive about harmful food and it can tell straight away.

Don’t numb your body with all junk, GMO, non-organic food and others non-nutrient food. Our body system is so intelligent and don’t feed poison daily to disable its capability.

A healthy body, a healthy mind!


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