Welcome to world of Vegan!!!

One of the key important on “Why am I a vegan?”

I am practising loving kindness and compassion as I can’t let our animal friends to suffer because of my diet. Moreover, I can change my diet to plant-based and still live a better life. To animal friends, they lost their life in order to feed our desire.

I want to show people as living proof that I am healthier, energetic and look younger with my plant-based diet with macrobiotic way of cooking. I am continuously to share the benefits and lot of food choices as vegan with a wish that more people are willing to try at least one vegan meal and experience how light is our body. How comfortable is our body after the light meal.

You might wonder what is the difference I can contribute if I take a vegan meal?

I love to share the below quote to you:

“The rescue of Β one animal does not change the world but for the animal the whole world changes.”

How wonderful if our small action can help to change the animal whole world.

I am inviting you to experience the world of vegan with open mind!!!

Welcome to world of Vegan!!! Bosh!

Your new diet plan will definitely affect the life of our dearest animal friends!!!






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