I love home-cooked meal!!!

One of my friend asked what food do you love the most?

I answered her confidently that I love my home cooking very much. I enjoy my simple home cook meal as compare to dine out. Most important, I know I am “safe” as I am fully aware on what are the ingredients, healthy cooking method and I cook with a heart of happiness, “May all people who eat my meal be well and happy.” I am only using organic ingredients, no artificial colouring, preservative and no artificial flavouring.

I am gratitude and counting my blessing when I am enjoying my home cooked meal!

My friend was really surprised and she thumb up with my answer as very rare that people give such an answer. Usually, people will look out for chances to dine in expensive restaurant, try out super popular food and always looking for opportunity to dine out.

I knew what is real food and what is not, I prefer to eat clean and strengthen my immune system. I believe in healthy body, healthy mind. I can stay calm and peace, it because of my diet. What is the meaning of pamper our senses and bringing disaster to harm our body? Of course, occasionally we can dine out, just don’t depend 100% on dine out. Soon or later, your body will give red alarm once too much toxins accumulative in our body.



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