Relationship between food and health…

Yesterday, I shared with my friend for my lovely cat’s photo.

Lovely prince and princess were enjoyed their happy meal, one of the best dry food.

She asked me why their fur looked so beautiful and shining? Are we bathed them regularly? I said no, we are only using wet cloth to clean them up.

I mentioned to her that we are feeding them with one of the best cat food. We can see obvious transformation on them. A great example was Mr An An, we adopted him in Mar’17, his fur was so dry, rough and brittle, easily to lose hair, moreover he was so skinny as a wounded stray cat. Within 5 months, what a great transformation, he is now with silky and shine coat, besides he gained so much weight from 3.4 kg to more than 6 kg. He looks healthier and stronger. Food plays an important role to sustain good health.

It’s a great reminder to us, how important to eat right and quality food, always remember junk in and we are inviting disease. When we are sick, review on our diet, exercise and stress level. Don’t blame and there is hope with a new transformation in diet. You can make a big difference!








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