Happiness in cooking…

I enjoyed cooking in early morning. It’s so quiet and serenity.

When I shared with my friends that I wake up 5 am to cook for my family and also bring the home cooked meal as lunch bento for sis & I. Most of them are amazed with my strong determination.

It can be done when this become your habit, like brushing your teeth daily. You are not going to face any challenges as you use to it. To me, nothing is more precious than good health. Without good health, we are unable to enjoy quality of life. Moreover, we might be a “burden” in other’s life. Based on the scientific fact that the food intake is directly link with disease. You are what you eat. Of course, sickness will not develop in a single day, it’s the result of accumulation. Pay attention before too late.

Before you mess up your kitchen, planing is essential to ensure your peaceful cooking. You must plan ahead, get ready and prepare all ingredients and seasoning, before start cooking. If not you are going to panic, stress and tension. Of course, you are not going to enjoy the happiness from cooking. Usually, I’ll plan based on the ingredients in my fridge, think about the cooking style and energy from food, yin & yang, best combination for my family members.

Simple, healthy and happy macrobiotic way of cooking.

Why not start your home cooking from the simple and easiest recipe? The best way to show your loving kindness to your body, mind an also your loved one.






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