Why not sharing?

When you find good food, you are definitely shared with others and you want others to enjoy. When you are using good product/brand, you are also going to share with others. It’s our nature that we want to share good stuffs with other. It’s awesome to see happy and smiling faces.

Think about it, when we are practising vegan cooking and we find so much benefits when  eating vegan food, e.g. healthier, body feel lighter, maintain body weight, more calm and peace, save environment, release suffering of animal friends and others.

Why not share your own experience with others? It’s so simple and easy!

Everyone of us can be a change agent, never under-estimate your power, start from yourself and you are going to shine your positivity to others. You must be honest, genuine, sincere and no bad intention from your sharing. Your passion will shine to your surrounding!

I’ll continue my journey as a vegan and keep sharing with others when conditions are right. It’s a best gift to share healthy living. How precious is good health? How important to shine unconditional loving kindness to others! 

“Practise vegan cooking in our daily life, share with others, keep walking and never give up.”

My lovely friends, you CAN!


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