Mindful eating!

One of my friend asked me, “Are you going out lunch with someone?”

My answer was “I am having lunch with MYSELF.”

She was stunned and unbelievable with my answer.

Simple question, “Are you enjoying quiet lunch with yourself?”

I’ll set limit for the number of dine out lunch during working days.

Many reasons to support the dine in lunch in office,

To enjoy healthy home cooked food, to enjoy peaceful lunch, to reduce carbon foot print-no need to drive out, to save time, avoid unnecessary conversation, avoid talking while eating and most important to practice mindfulness in eating.

I am gratitude for the simple and healthy organic vegan meal which bring good nutrients to my body and mind. Of course, I love to spend the quiet eating time with myself.

I can chew well, at least chew more than 30 times. I enjoy the originality taste of food, beautiful quiet time, totally be here and now. So peaceful and relaxing!

I am able to recharge my body and mind after lunch break. I’ll never fall sleepy or tired after having home cooked lunch as no white flour, rice, sugar being used in any of my cooking. I am only using no refined sugar, organic food and ingredients.

You are what you eat!!! Please love yourself by feeding whole and pure food to your body! If possible, please spend time to practice mindful eating.




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