Do you love to cook?

Cooking is fun! A good planning is needed!

Cooking is fun! However, we need good planning to enjoy the fun.

The day before I’ll think about what type of dishes to cook. Of course, I’ll check what type of vegetables are available in fridge and cook accordingly. All preparation will carry out the night before. I am busy in the morning as so much chorus need to carry out, to boil water to get ready organic coffee and organic Bancha, to cook all dishes, brown rice and soup.

Well, after a year of practice, I can manage really well as practice make perfect. My friend asked me why am I persist to cook macrobiotic meal for my family even need to wake up so early to get the meal ready.

My answer is simple, “Nothing is more important than good health. To take care good health for my family is the best gift I can give to them.” Moreover, my gratitude to my family members as they are eating my home cooked food and giving opportunity for me to continue practicing what I ‘ve learned. How wonderful that my family also follow macrobiotic diet!

Think about it, we are willing to be volunteer and giving unconditional love, time and service to people we don’t know. Then, why are we so calculating with our family members? Why not give them the same treatment?

Be gratitude! You are going to do anything happily without any negative judgement.





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