Be a conscious chef!!!

We can make possible for many things with our hand. Be a conscious chef!!! Photo courtesy from sis Soo Fong

We might consider as a good cook if we are able to cook food full of flavour and tasty. Well, is it so?

Of course, good food with good taste is awesome. However, do you know what types of ingredients are you using in your cooking? Are you using whole, clean and pure ingredients? Are you using a lot of processed food, sauces with chemical, artificial flavour, colouring, GMO and others, vegetables with pesticides, chemical fertiliser and livestock, feed by GMO raw food, hormone and antibiotics? Are you aware what is the long-term health impact on your cooked food?

Let’s contemplate, as a cook, we are managing the life of others, whether long or short, healthy or sick, it’s all depend on our way of cooking and also types of food.  A simple example, most of my cousins are not mindful in eating and cooking,  they are not concern about food quality.  To them, most important is to enjoy tasty and unhealthy food to satisfy their senses.  As a result, most of them are getting heart artery blockage and went for Balloon angioplasty.

What a great lesson to learn! Be a conscious chef who help other’s to sustain good health though your cooking.




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