Cooking with positive energy…

How do you feel when you are cooing?

Are you happy, sad, stress, tension, angry, tense, joyful, peace, loving and other emotions?

Whatever energy you put into your cooking, you are going to effect the person who are eating your food. When you are cooking with happy heart, the person who are eating also feel happiness and joy.

Sometimes, after lunch, you might feel so restless and you don’t know why this happen? Perhaps it might link to the energy from the chef.

Cooking with positive energy will definitely nourish others…People can sense it…. 

As a conscious chef, we want to cook yummy and healthy food to nourish life of others. Most important, be calm, peace when you are cooking. Perhaps you can give your best wishes to those people who are going to enjoy your food, “May the food nourish their body and mind, may the food bring happiness to them.”

Why not start with this small act?

You are gaining the most!!!


2 thoughts on “Cooking with positive energy…

  1. This is an interesting idea! I recently made a meal from friends; it was a new cuisine to me (Jain) so my energy was frantic as I tried to keep track of all the spices I was supposed to be including. I will have to practice a more meditative approach and see what impact that has.

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