You are what you eat!!!

A simple whole and pure food is the biggest blessing in life. No burden to our body!!!

Recently, I am facing skin allergies after dine out. To me, this is the good sign as my body is so alert and working hard to eliminate “toxins” from body. I am blessed that I started my food journal dairy, so I know well what type of food causing my skin allergies.

How much danger hidden in food we consume if you are unsure about its source? For example,  How much chemicals, hormone, pesticides, preservative, flavouring and others being added to the food which we named as “yummy”? How much toxins actually we are feeding ourselves daily without realisation? How much tension and stress we are putting up for our internal organs especially a huge burden to our liver?

Some of my friends commented that my diet is too pure and clean, as such I can’t take outside food.  They asked me to be moderate. Let’s contemplate, how blessed to follow macrobiotic way of living? I can clean up the storage of toxins, nourish my body and mind with good nutrients. Once our body is clean, its awakening our immune system, once any “toxins” enter in our system, the body is able to eliminate it immediately without storing in our body system.

Imagine, if our body is not alert and we keep storing “Toxins”? What will happen?

A simple example, the cleaner is helping to collect the rubbish daily. Imagine, if a week or a month, the cleaner never turn up to collect rubbish. What will happen? This can easily to be related to tumour, cancer and other disease.

You are what you eat! Our diet is directly link with the disease we are getting! Be mindful  before you are putting any food in your mouth especially for those ingredients in processed food which contained a lot of chemical name you are not familiar.

Think before you eat!!! Don’t overly pamper your senses until you fall sick and start blaming and live in guilt.




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