Are you busy?

We love to give excuses for not cooking at home. Most of us will definitely mention “busy”. Well, if you don’t take care and pay attention to the food you intake, you’ll get sick and gradually lost your precious health. Never start your blaming process when you are sick. Just look back on what have you consume and find out the reasons. Of course, besides food, you must also check whether are you spend time in exercise and how about your lifestyle? Stress, tension, high pressure and other reasons.

I treasure my health, no matter how busy I am, I’ll give priority to prepare food for my family. I am blessed that I am following macrobiotic way of cooking. It’s so simple by  using organic ingredients. 50% of my plate consist of organic grains, I love brown rice and occasionally mixed with millet, barley, wheat, black rice or red rice, 30% of fresh organic vegetables, follow by 10% of seeds and nuts, 10% of beans and sea vegetables. plus a bowl of soup (miso/shoyu/ others). Occasionally, enjoy quality dessert with no refined sugar, diaries and eggs. The best combination to safeguard our health! Nothing is more precious than to enjoy good health and live life happily.

The complete macrobiotic sets. Simple, healthy and appetising!!! Why not start home cooking?


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