Are you using safe cooking utensils?

Are you paying attention to your utensils?

Are you aware on the materials used in making the utensils? Is it safe? Is it releasing poison?

Sometimes, we might neglect or overlook on the safety issues. We are buying as the utensils are showing the nice design, colouring, drawing and others, As a result, we might consume toxins daily like lead, aluminium, nickel, chrome, and other toxic metals  without realisation. How much disaster we are bringing to our body and mind.

In order to love yourself and your family, please spend time to learn and find out what is safe utensils.

Use the right cookware!!! Organic steamed “Yong To Fu” with natural bamboo steamer. 

One of my friend shared with me that she is facing so much health impact when she is cooking with wrong cooking method. She had migraine, lost of her voice constantly, restless and others. You must always listen to your body to find out what is the best and safest cooking method.


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