Your choice of life!!!

I heard from my chiropractic that recently, so many people are getting stroke. Well! We might relate stroke is meant for elderly people, it is right?

Perhaps, it’s not.  He shared with me that his patient is as young as 18 years old. Sometimes, we might assume if we are fit based on medical check up result, we are free from chances of getting stroke. This might not be the truth.

A young lawyer, aged 26 years old, super fit based on medical report and she got stroke. A housewife, super active and just went for medical check up, everything is perfect. She also got stroke.

Simple clean food is the best food to nourish your body and mind!

Of course, we can take medical report as a reference but never ever let go your 4 pillars in life. Diet, exercise, good rest (Deep sleep) and also provide good nutrient to mind (meditation). If you are missing out any of this, you might not able to achieve balance in life, you might weaken your immune system.

Your precious health is your choice of life. Definitely, you can make a decision. Love yourself, you deserved! If you don’t know how to love yourself, how are you going to love others? If you are not going to feed yourself with clean, pure and whole food, how are you going to cook for others?

Ignorance is not accepted as too much and too easy to access to information through online. Use right view to understand what is good for us and others!

Health is wealth and never let go and sacrifice our good health for any reason. Always ask yourself, is it worth it? Who is suffering? Am I going to bring suffering to others when I am sick?

Stay healthy, my friends! You deserved!



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