Are you investing in yourself?

People love to share about investment like share market, property, foreign exchange, unit trust and others. In general, people love to see visible wealth like the increase number of their bank account, value appreciation from property and all about numbers.

How about health investment? Are you invest in your own health? Its invisible and yet it’ll affect the quality of our life.

Just ask yourself, what is more valuable than enjoying good health while you still have chance?

Recently, one of my friend shared with me that her friend who had cancer relapsed and many tumours in his body. She is helping him by preparing macrobiotic meal and shared with him on the right diet. Let’s food be the medicine. After 2 months of transforming himself to the healthy diet plan, his tumour was disappeared about 50%. His medical doctor asking him, “What is the remedy? Its miracle as he is not going through any medical cancer treatment like chemotherapy and others.”

My super simple, healthy of macrobiotic plate. Health is wealth!

I am rejoice and truly happy when I heard this news. Food does matter!!! Never underestimate the power of food. You are what you eat. Eat well and eat right, my dear friends. Remember to invest in yourself!

You deserved!



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