When I am travelling…

When I am travelling, I’ll dine out instead of cooking. Well, People might ask how can you survive well with your macrobiotic way of living? My answer is simple, try your best to look for a good restaurant which serve good quality food, follow the guideline of 5311 and chew well! Of course, I’ll bring my organic bancha tea bag, instant miso soup, umeboshi ball and other condiments just in case there is no vegan food.

I try out the new vegan food, Fried mee hua cake (Local noodle cake). Amazing! It’s great to explore good quality of food, we can continuously learn and modify the recipe based on macrobiotic way of cooking.

Always remember that “Health; it’s not just what you are eating. What you are thinking and saying is just as important.”

If you are surrounded by negative emotions like anger, hatred, tension, stress, restless, sad and others, no matter how good quality is the food, you can’t even swallow it. As such, be happy and gratitude when you are eating. Let’s the food give the best nourish to your body and mind.

Stay healthy, friends! And never let your vegan meal to burden you and give so much disturbances in other’s life when you are travelling! Be peaceful, chew well and enjoy good quality of food!!!




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