What are you waiting for???

How adorable is our animal friends? Why are we taking away their happy life? Why are we causing suffering to them?

I heard from one of my friend that her child is being a vegan for some times. However, lately she is too busy in her business and she can’t cook and take care of the little boy. As such, the little boy is being feed by his grandmother with lot of meat. The obvious changes is the little boy change his behaviours and character. He is aggressive, restless, short-tempered and transformed his character like another person. And he fall sick frequently.

This incident frightening my friend and she quit her business.

What a great sharing!!! I am regretted to become vegan so late as my past meat-eating habit causing so much suffering to animal friends. In the name of “good food”, I am pampering my senses, lived in ignorant and caused so much pain in animal friends. I am repentance on my past action, vow to be vegan for lifetime, keep sharing and encourage people to try for vegan and vegetarian diet.

Sometimes, people know about the suffering of animal friends before or during slaughtering and they refuse to know the truth, to see the online videos in order to continue our “ignorant” action by continuing and happily to enjoy “Life” from animal friends.

Why are we allow our stomach to be graveyard? Why must we take other’s life for surviving? Why can’t we see animal friends are same as us?

A simple action can save life and contributing to reduce great pain and suffering to animal friends. Never underestimate on your power. Let’s start to change from yourself by reducing meat and perhaps one day, join us as vegan.

Your contribution is definitely count!!!

What are you waiting for?




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