Enjoy 1st Organic Vegan scone in life….

Sometimes, we might associate happiness with owning a luxury handbag, latest fashion, beautiful dress and other stuffs. How long your happiness can last? How much more stuffs you need to own in order to be happy?

Why not live a simple life? Be happy and gratitude for whatever things happen in your life whether good or bad. All this are beautiful lessons in life!

I enjoy simple life. When I am off from work, I love to try on new macrobiotic recipe as it’s really hard to buy or dine out. It’s a big challenge to get a good quality organic vegan dessert or pastry in my area. I love scones and there is no organic vegan scone which I can buy.

Today, I baked the 1st organic vegan scone in my life and also my 1st time to enjoy such a yummy organic vegan scone. Blessing!

It was so delicious!!! I took four pieces. Finally, I am enjoying organic vegan scone!!! Yeah!

Doing simple things yet give so much happiness.

Think about it, why stress yourself so much? Why are you working day and night in order to satisfy your “Greed”, to own more material stuffs?

Liberate yourself!!! Live simple and be happy!

You are the fountain of happiness!!!

Don’t look out, look within!




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