We are what we eat!!!

I would like to share one of the profound teaching from Michio Kushi, Founder of Kushi Institute on macrobiotics.

” We are what we eat. By changing what we take in, we change ourselves. When we have difficulties, we should seek the cause largely in origin is our food. When we experience happiness, we understand that its origin is in our food. Those who know this become master of their life and destiny. Those who know this is free.”

Super yummy, healthy macrobiotics plate! You are the master of your destiny!

How powerful is our food intake! For modern lifestyle, we might totally neglect on food, what we want is fast pace, fast food, fast eating, fast recovery, fast medicine (drugs) and by doing all this, we are actually shortening our life! Besides, we love to emphasise and give priority on external beauty, and very much willing to spend and invest so much money on it. And some of us are so calculating in spending in food and never ever say attention on it.

Well! If you are not taking care of your internal and how can you shine on external?

Let’s contemplate!



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