Yummylicious vegan food when traveling…

My observation during my recent trip, the awareness of vegan diet is higher. People can understand our food preference easily. Usually, they’ll double-check with us whether we can take egg. Even though, we are traveling to rural area, we were able to enjoy vegan food easily.

We met up with vegan friends during our journey. They looked younger and energetic than their actual age. Most of their sharing are their body getting healthier and lighter. What a great testimonial!

Yummy vegan food in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vegan claypot mushroom rice!!! Super yum!
Vegan pho noodle! Love it very much! Check out Ming Chay, a yummylicious vegan restaurant in Hanoi.

Thank you to all our vegan friends to bring up the awareness of vegan diet. “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.” Why not make a new wish, to try on vegan diet in the coming 2018.



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