Happy New Year 2018!

I love travelling. I can explore local vegan food and learn how to cook it. Its full of adventures. Usually, I’ll modify the recipe based on the teaching of macrobiotic way of living. Perhaps, change the ingredients from white sugar, white flour, white salt, non-organic ingredients to organic ingredients. In macrobiotic cooking, we are using fermented sugar like rice malt, barley malt and others. Besides, I need to check out the “yin” and “Yang” in a meal, to ensure its balance!

Nothing is more precious than to take care of  our health, start from our diet. You are what you eat. It’s never go wrong. Be mindful, you can see well on the inter-relation of food intake and reaction of your mind and body.

Organic vegan Vietnamese spring roll after visited Hanoi. The dipping sauce was my own creation. Cooking is fun!

Counting down to start a New Year. May you be well and happy! Do spend time to explore the benefits in vegan diet. Perhaps you can put this in your New Year Resolution!

Happy New Year 2018!









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