Why not start home cooking?

After 2 years of continuously practicing cooking, I can master the skill easily. Usually, I   read the recipe and I can easily to modify to macrobiotic way of cooking. Of course, we need to master theory and most important, to keep practising. Observe your body changes with the food you cook. If possible, please write food journal, you are aware on what you are eating and easy reference if you fall sick.

I order the organic vegetables directly from the organic farm, my menu is based on what is fresh delivery and cook accordingly. I seldom go out for lunch and I’ll bring my lunch box. Any lunch appointment must book in advance,  I no need to prepare my lunch box.

Last week, one of my friend cancel our lunch appointment last minutes. It was quite late when I was home. However, I managed to prepare a healthy and yummy macrobiotic meal. I am proud of myself.

Super yummy organic vegan mixed mushroom rice with colourful vegetables.

When someone shared with me that they don’t have time to do home cooking. My answer is simple, Are you giving your priority?

Why not make a new resolution? Why not start home cooking with healthy ingredients?

Stay healthy, friends!

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