Take charge of your life!!!

One of my friend asked for recommendation to dine in for an organic vegetarian restaurant as one of his family member is sick. Even though I spent some time to think, however its hard to get a list of good restaurant with quality of food. The more I learn, understand and practice home cooking based on the macrobiotic way of living. My senses are sharpen with pure and wholesome food intake daily. I can sense how good quality is the food, whether with flavouring, processed, and others.

Simple, healthy macrobiotic plate. Your health is rely on you!!! Take charge!

To me, the best food is home cooking, even though its simple cooking. I am confident on the ingredients I cook. Most important, you are going to shine your love when you are cooking. It’s definitely bring the good energy in food and its important to people who are going to eat.

As such, never give excuses as you’ve no time, no skill, no interest, no knowledge in cooking. Why are you give permission to others to take charge of your health? Food is medicine, you are what you eat. Our sickness is related to food, why not pay attention? Precaution is better than cure!!!

Let’s be the master to take care of your health and your family.





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