What are you waiting for?

One of the reason why am I put effort to learn macrobiotics and keep trying out new healthy recipe, I hope my cooking can change people perception on vegan meal. Usually, people will think life is so boring and meaningless to start vegan tasteless meal.

I am learning macrobiotics to understand what is the best combination of food to achieve optimum health, yin and yang, way of cooking and others. The more we practice, the more expect we can become if we are passion.

Healthy way of cooking is not only maintain good health for ourselves but to people who are eating the meal. As such, please give priority to learn, understand and master the cooking skills. It’s also one of the seva you are giving selfless to people you love.

Macrobiotics plate not only bring good health and also one of the way to preserve our nature! Happiness for all!

Why not make food as medicine? It’s definitely more yummy than swallow medicine when we are ill. Why should we wait until we are sick. then only we start a healthy diet?

What are you waiting for?





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