Let’s cook happy and healthy food…

One of the motivation for me to keep learning how to cook a yummy and healthy macrobiotics meal is to invite more people to join and experience the beauty of macrobiotics way of living. Let the food be thy medicine.

Some of my friend, they want to follow vegetarian diet, however, they can’t sustain along the way. The big obstacles are not eating right balance and bring health hassle. In such a case, their family or friends will definitely started to “Advise” them to stop this diet. Sometimes, due to the pressure from surrounding, they force to stop. How sad!!!

A simple bowl of organic vegan noodle can be so colourful, packed with nutrients and eat with happy heart!!! Let’s cook happy and healthy food!!!

Sometimes, we might assume that healthy cuisine meant tasteless and “boring”. Well! It’s definitely not when you know how to mix and match your cooking method, right food ingredients, healthy seasoning,  beautiful garnishing and presentation, nice serving plates and a heart of love when you are cooking.

One of my friend shared with me that her friend who had cancer, can’t eat “healthy” food anymore as he wanted to vomit once think about the taste. It’s hard for people to follow the beautiful diet in life if the food they are eating can’t bring happiness to their mind. As such, for a good cook, we must know the best way to balance healthy and good taste to bring happiness to others even they are sick. This is the crucial way to sustain the life long healthy diet.





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